1. It Took Me A While But I Finally Found A Job

    Times have been pretty tough lately and I’ve been without a job for some 7 months and throughout all that time I was unsure where my next employment opportunity would come from.

    But I’m happy to report that after some 200+ days of being on the dole, I have now managed to secure myself a job as a receptionist at a small firm of solicitors. Ok it may not be the best job in the world but right now I’m just happy to be earning again as life on benefits was no life for me.

    I tried lots of different avenues to find work from the hopeless local Job Centre office, to the recruitment agencies who seem to want to offer you up for vacancies you clearly aren’t going to get in the hope that you might somehow fluke your way to the job and earn them a nice chunk of change in commission.

    In the end, I got my job through the process of speculative applications. The company that have now hired me weren’t advertising for a position but I sent them my CV and cover letter nonetheless and it turns out that they kept this on file because they liked my proactive approach. What they didn’t know was that there current receptionist was going to fall ill and be out of action for several months but when this sadly did happen, they turned straight to me to save them the time and money of putting the job out to everyone.

    I must have done ok in the interview because they offered me the job then and there but I suppose they didn’t really need someone with lots of qualifications to run a reception.

    Clearly this role is only temporary as when the person I’m replacing recovers, they might not need me any more but I’m hoping that by then I would have impressed them enough to get some other role with them even if it continues to be a menial role such as office manager or tea maker!

    I digress; I write this blog as a reminder to all those who are looking for work – you just have to keep going and be optimistic and you can’t just rest on your laurels and hope that a job will come and find you. Go out there and grab it with both hands.